Why Your Social Metrics Improve SEO


Why Your Social Metrics Improve SEO

Social metrics is a fairly new method of measurement; however it is the concept of measuring social media to determine the impact that it has. Social metrics can include the number of visitors to the site, number of participants in a network, frequency of engagement, amount of time spent engaged with the social network, referral sources for traffic, interaction rate, number of comments and messages, and whether the interaction or conversation is positive or negative. Although the study and measurement of social metrics is quite new, it can prove invaluable for adding credibility to the site. In particular, social metrics can significantly improve SEO.

  1. Social validation – How does having a lot of traffic and frequently engaging consumers effect your SEO? Social media gives credibility to your business. If you can generate people “talking” about you on social media sites, you are far more likely to appear – not only in news feeds, but also in search results. The fact that you have a strong social presence also lends credibility to your business, increasing results.
  1. Back linking – Mentions on social media that link back to your website not only create a sense of validity and trust, but can increase back linking. In other words, when a blog post goes viral, or your business is mentioned in a post, it generates a backlink – your website is now linked to the social medial site via a click through. This tremendously improves your search engine results, because relevant, high-quality back links are such an important part of the search engine algorithm. By increasing your social media presence, engaging followers, and getting people talking about you, your search rankings increase not only through the quality of the backlinks, but in the frequency with which these mentions and posts link back to your site
  1. More traffic/better user engagement – There is only so much you can do on your own to self-promote your site; therefore, it’s possible to max out the amount of search rankings you can get on your own. However, if you have excellent social metrics – i.e., a lot of followers are talking about you, posting/sharing, and are actively engaged, it drives traffic to your website, creating even more user engagement. The results are outstandingly positive, because the increased exposure through social media leads to more backlinks, more mentions, and therefore even higher search rankings, simply due to the frequency and positivity of interactions through social profiles and social media.


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