How to Setup a Great Website for Under $100


Do you have a small business that needs to get a web presence? How about a big business that needs to sell online? Regardless of what your needs, individual or business would you just like to have a web site from which you can shout out to the rest of the world? Then what’s holding you back? Are you aware that you can have your own website for less than $100? Yes, that is correct – for under $100.

Normally there will be 3 simple things you will have to do in building your website. Those will be:

  • Pick whether or not your will be using a website builder or a CMS (content management system). Most new to the internet will choose the website builder – it is much easier! The difference between the two is that CMS was developed primarily for personal blogs and such where the website builders has all the features a business needs such as shopping carts, credit card processing and etc.
  • Choose a domain name. This will be the name of your website. You will want that to be something easy to remember and makes your audience think of you or your business. You must see if the web hosting is done by the domain name provider or do they host themselves.
  • If the domain provider doesn’t, you will also need to find a hosting provider. If you choose a website builder this is normally covered by them as they will also be the host.

Once you have your domain name and hosting provider you will need to create your site. Most builders have 100’s to 1,000’s of templates from which you can choose. Pick one out and get started. You should have certain sections so your users can easily navigate your site once it’s published. Those sections would be an ‘About Us’ page, a ‘Contact’ page, ‘Services’, ‘Products’ and other pages related to your specialty on the web. You want your site to be informative but not ‘overwhelming’. There are many sites available to help you plan out your site and you should avail yourself of them. Remember – less is sometimes more on the internet. Don’t try to bury your visitors with information.

Just keep in mind that a good website contains much information and there are many add-ons that you can have. Social media, music, videos, newsletters, and lots of business tools if you need those too.

The good news we discussed earlier is the cost of all this work. Yes, you can get a website up and running for less than $100. That’s correct – less than $100! Typically the fees are between

$1.00 to $5.00 monthly and many offer the first month free. When you throw in the domain name provider who normally charge between $10-15 annually. It is sort of like rent and as long as you pay the rent, you keep the name. If you go with the site builder they normally have a monthly fee as well. Look around and you can find some really good deals.


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