How to Get More Revenue from Mobile Traffic


Considering that nearly everyone today has a smart phone or a tablet or the latest in super-computing in their pocket and virtually using them every minute of every day, mobile traffic is almost as common as breathing.

Everyone in business today is utilizing every form of advertising they can find. This newly minted mobile traffic system is quickly developing into what could be the cheapest and most effective way to sell everything.

The truly ideal thing about mobile advertising is that every person who uses their phone or tablet to search on the internet – which is just about everyone who has one – gets to see those ads on their phone. As we all know, most buying is based on emotion. So when Jane and John are looking for the nearest local Chinses restaurant they are going to be looking at those ads as well.

It is estimated that over 60% of all smartphone owners perform at least one search on their phone every day. That is thought to be over 180 million users in the U.S. alone. The question is how many of those searches are resulting in traffic to websites for business?

In a yearlong study it was determined that in 12+ industries and over 300 companies there was over an 80% increase in the click rate than for just organic click rates. That is quite impressive! This comes down to the fact that when the consumer is looking for a particular product or business, they can be found that much easier when the phone or tablet is in the customers hand no matter where he/she is.

Another big factor in the mobile ads are the actual size of the ad. It has been found that the most effective ads are the 300×250 and the 160×600. Most of the 300×250 are found above the fold next to the content and the 160×600, although below the fold it is where you will see it in order to view the content. Both of these ads just make it much easier for the user to see your ad in order to view the content which is why they are there to begin with.

The main thing about why you have mobile traffic is to increase your revenue, correct? That is exactly what will happen. To make that happen even more efficiently you need to have those ads placed correctly within the pages of the copy.


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