How to Generate High Quality Backlinks

How to get high quality backlinks

Backlinks are a useful tool for any blogger or website administrator. Backlinks display other webpages that link to your posts, and enable you to keep track of these other posts. They are also known as inbound links, and they direct traffic towards your website. Not only that, but backlinks are essential to good search engine optimization – the more backlinks a site has, the more likely it is popular or important with search engines. Websites with backlinks get more credit or credibility from the search engine – particularly google – and therefore rank higher in search results.

However, backlinks are not just about quantity. It’s also very important that the backlinks are of high quality, because that also lends credibility.

So what is a good quality backlink, and how do you generate high quality backlinks?

A high quality inbound link is unbroken (it links to the correct site and is valid) and relevant. If your blog post, for example, is about culinary arts, and you have a back link about automotive repair, that is far less relevant, and thus lower quality, than a backlink about food or cooking.

How does a person get high quality backlinks?

There are several ways to generate the highest quality backlinks.

  1. Guest Blog Posts

Although this can be time consuming, writing guest blog posts allows other blogs that are relevant and related to your niche market to link with you. Since they are a related field, this generates credibility and links to similar sites, which, as mentioned earlier, increases the quality of the backlinks and increases SEO ratings.

  1. Get Cited in Wikipedia

Because Wikipedia is an enormous site that is highly creditable and frequently used, getting your website noted or cited on Wikipedia is an extremely high-quality backlink. While it can be a poor idea to create a Wikipedia page for yourself, if you are able to provide your website as a source for verifiable, non-editorial information listed in a Wikipedia article, you have generated an incredibly high quality back link

  1. Find Broken Links on Websites and Offer to Replace Them with Your Link

This one can be a little tricky. To keep from violating Google’s terms and conditions, you can’t outright solicit back linking. That being said, you can research sites related to your niche and offer a free service. When backlinks are broken or the URLs don’t work, the sight can drop off the search engine map because the backlinks aren’t credible. When you research related sites, look for broken links and then reach out to the website admin, offering that they can use your URL instead of the broken one, and being careful not to mention SEO or backlinks. Keep the offer courteous, friendly, and complimentary to avoid violating googles terms – but when they accept, know that you are creating a high-quality backlink.

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