Climbing the SEO Ladder Fast with a Niche Site

climb the seo ladder with a niche site

When discussing the ‘SEO Ladder’ and ‘Niche Site’ what exactly are we speaking of? SEO (search engine optimization) is the ability on the internet to find a website doing a particular thing by simply typing in a word or phrase into the search engine being used. The niche site refers to a site that pertains to a particular thing.

An example of this would be that a person looking for a Japanese kite of a special brand called Bonsai. To find this brand the user would type in the words Bonsai or Japanese kite or all three such as Japanese Bonsai kite. These words are considered ‘keywords’. They will pop up examples of sites on the internet regarding those words and make it easy for the user to locate where they can find Japanese Bonsai kites.

Keeping this in mind when putting together your website you have to make it easier for your potential customers to find you on the web. You need to make that search engine find you and put you on the first page of results.

When you just type in ‘kites’ onto the search engine you will find you get 31,300,000 results in less than a second. If you aren’t on the first one or two pages (of 10 sites each), you won’t be getting that sale, will you? That is what SEO is all about and having a niche site will also help.

So when you name your site, it should have at least one if not all of those main items you sell in the site location name. That’s not always possible but you can use the keywords to your benefit in other ways.

There are many methods of having your keywords at the top of the search engines. One way is cheap and not that hard. You can place lots of blog or forum materials on the net that will enhance the search engine results. The more that your keywords are seen the higher you will climb in the SEO ladders. Another is to use long tail keywords. These are keywords that compromise more than one, two or maybe even three or more keywords; such as, when a consumer wants to purchase a new pair of Nike Dual Fusion Ballistec Advantage tennis shoes. When a user types in that whole description it will bring up exactly that phrase and most likely if that is a keyword on your site – WHAMM! They will be taken to your site and they usually are ready to purchase on top of that. They aren’t doing general searching, they are looking for that pair of tennis shoes and you should have a sale.

This is how SEO and having a niche site work together. It takes some research and will not happen overnight but it will definitely get you off and running much more quickly.


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